What we do

Calvary Youth Services provides crisis accommodation for 15-25 year old's who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.
We provide a Case Management Program which includes Living Skills development. We have a Transitional Housing Program also with medium term accommodation in the Mandurah area.
40 Sutton Street, Mandurah W.A. 6210
Phone: 08 9581 1741
Email: coordinator@calvaryyouth.com.au
Mobile: 0419 909 178


About Calvary

CALVARY- A New Beginning.

CALVARY Vision Statement - “To see young people at risk grow in hope, possibility and success”.
Motto: CALVARY- A New Beginning.
MISSION STATEMENT: CALVARY Youth Services Mandurah Incorporated is a non-government Christian Organisation. We are committed to providing safe and secure accommodation to at risk or homeless young people between the ages of 15 and 25. We will assist them in their desire to overcome areas of crisis and to journey from a reliance on supporting agencies to a healthy, connected independent lifestyle.


General Information

  • LOCATION – Our home is situated in central Mandurah close to all amenities and public transport.
    The service operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week and we can accommodate up to 7 residents aged 15 to 25 years.
  • ASSESSMENT PERIOD – Initial assessments can be done in person and over the phone.
    Once accommodated in the service the assessment period is based on individual needs.
    Due to the various needs of each individual we aim to have staff members who are flexible and able to adjust to each person’s needs.
  • LENGTH OF STAY – This is crisis accommodation only. Residents may stay for up to 3 months maximum depending on their commitment to working towards overcoming their specific area/s of crisis.
  • HOW CAN WE ASSIST YOU? – We are a service which is committed to assisting young people move from crisis situations into a lifestyle free from supporting agencies.
  • WHAT WE OFFER – We can help by offering a place of safe and secure accommodation. A place where you can, with the support of youth workers and other professionals, begin to rectify the problems that sees you placed in this situation.
    Begin to rectify the problem that sees you placed in this situation. We also offer recreation and other programs to bring balance to Case Management Program.
  • CASE MANAGEMENT – We provide an intensive case management program that we encourage you to take part in to work out what is the best course of action for you.
  • TRANSITIONAL HOUSING PROGRAM – For those who successfully address their crisis issues but still need a certain level of support and are unable to secure independent accommodation, we may be able to offer a place in the Transitional Housing Program.
  • EXTERNAL SUPPORT PROGRAM – Our agency also offers some external support which enables a young person to access our service for support but continue on their own journey whilst still maintaining independent accommodation.
    This may be support, mentoring, referral to other agencies, use of telephone or internet.
  • THIS IS YOUR LIFE – We will not override your decisions but assist you, as and when it is necessary to access the varying options that may be available to assist you in your situation.
  • OUR AIM – Our aim is to create an environment which will help empower you to take responsibility for yourself and to support you to develop skills and a lifestyle to cope and succeed in the wider community.

Core Values

Core Values of CALVARY

  • INTENTIONS – we aspire to be perfectly intended in the way we work with young people, each other and those others in the community we come into contact with.
  • UNIQUENESS – we believe every young person has the capacity to grow, make their own choices and to contribute meaningfully if given an environment that supports building a personality beyond its normal limitations.
  • LEADERSHIP and SERVICE – we submit to the leadership of Jesus Christ as the ultimate example of love, mercy, compassion, forgiveness and hope in our approach to working effectively with young people at risk.
  • ACCEPTANCE – is about offering all those we work for and with ‘fair and decent’ treatment by acting out of tolerance, recognising and acknowledging differences and developing understanding that each person is an equal individual worthy of respect and to be treated with due dignity.
  • TEAMWORK – we believe that teamwork is about discovering, valuing and nurturing how people “work best with other people”. By best we mean how people produce valuable results, feel good about themselves, the organisation and other people they work with.
  • PRAYER – Prayer is powerful and that through faith in God prayer can change circumstances.

The Logo


Calvary would like to thank the following organisations for their ongoing support through programs such as:

  • City of Mandurah - Community Association Grants
  • Alcoa – PEACH Personnel Employed at Alcoa Charity Help grants
  • Alcoa Volunteers Program
  • Grill’d – Local Matters Program
  • Local members of the community for making personal donations

If you would like to donate to Calvary Youth Services Mandurah Inc. please call the office on 08 95811741 and speak with the Manager
Once again a big thank you from the Board of Management, staff and residents at Calvary Youth Services.


The Logo

The Calvary logo was created by an indigenous client who was residing in the crisis centre at the time. The logo symbolises the journey a young person may experience when they encounter our accommodation program.

The sun offers warmth and hope as the pathway tells of the good times and challenges facing young people seeking to break free from their crisis issue.

The logo also includes the wave which is a feature of the Peel region and also symbolises the often difficult challenges of riding the wave safely to shore.

The pathway ultimately leads towards the sun and a horizon of hope, possibility and success

cavalry logo


Useful Contacts

Crisis Care
Tel: (08) 9223 1111
1800 199 008
24 Hours

Homeless Hot Line
Tel: (08) 9223 1111
1800 065 892
24 Hours

Department of Child Protection and Family Support
Tel: 13 62 40
Tel: (08) 9535 6688
Tuckey Street, Mandurah 6210

Peel Youth Services
Web: www.peelyouthservices.com.au
Tel: (08) 9581 3365
Lot 41 (432) Lakes Road East
Greenfields 6210

Peel Youth Medical Services
Web: www.gpdownsouth.com.au
Tel: (08) 9583 5435
Billy Dower Youth Centre, 41 Dower Street
Mandurah 6210

West Aus Crisis Care
Web: www.westauscrisis.org.au
Tel: (08) 9582 9920
Suite 3 Lotteries House, 7 Anzac Place
Mandurah 6210

Passages Resource Centre
Web: www.passagesresourcecentre.com
Tel: (08) 9583 5160
20 Davey St
Mandurah 6210

Web: www.palmerston.org
Tel: (08) 9581 4010
22 Tuckey St
Mandurah 6210
Opening times: Mon- Fri; 8.30am – 5.00pm

Peel Community Kitchen
Web: www.peelcommunitykitchen.com.au
Tel: 0420 293 538
26 Sutton Street, Corner of Sutton and Gibson Street
Mandurah 6210

Web: www.foodbankwa.org.au
Tel: (08) 9581 9200
Unit 1 / 68 Reserve Drive
Mandurah 6210
Opening times: Mon- Fri

St Vinnies
Web: www.vinnies.com.org
Tel: (08) 9535 9035
Emergency Relief; 23 Davey St
Mandurah 6210

Homeless Advisory Service
Tel: 1800 065 892

Halo Team Inc.
Transitional Accomodation
Tel: 0433 582 707

Child Protection and Family Support
Tel: (08) 9583 6688
Cnr Sutton and Tuckey Street
Mandurah 6210

Entry Point
1800 124 684